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Okonkwo free essay sample

Some see expressions of the human experience as having an extra-creative intellectual capacity, that they have a message about keeps an eye on place on the planet which may have social or political ramifications. For instance, there may be a case for assuming that expressions of the human experience have a significant capacity as a mode for social analysis and change. Regardless, there is an across the board conviction that expressions of the human experience have a higher reason to teach by empowering contemplation and some of the time making us consider how we should live our lives. Two heads are superior to one. Learning nd working in bunches includes shared or learned qualities, assets, and methods of getting things done. Gathering ventures can fortify aptitudes that are pertinent to both gathering and individual work, including the capacity to: break task into parts, design and oversee time and addition relational abilities. What systems were utilized? A large number of my colleagues including myself would have wanted to take a shot at this undertaking exclusively, anyway once in a while more hands make for lighter work. We will compose a custom article test on Okonkwo or then again any comparable theme explicitly for you Don't WasteYour Time Recruit WRITER Just 13.90/page At the point when my accomplice and I got together to start our task we had chosen to part the undertaking down the middle. Same an equivalent measure of work. I wouldnt state we utilized and explicit methodologies to start the Mexican Revolution venture. We did anyway follow the a portion of the rules of the structure cycle to start which included: plan, examine, plan and make. What information was obtained? Since my accomplice had such a great amount of information on the Mexican Revolution, she had the option to help me plainly comprehend/explain certain things that had happened that I was unsure of. Since we needed to do some examination on our own I increased more on the insurgency, to the porfiriato time where porfito Diaz himself presented railways, to ow significant the constitution was for the individuals. What aptitudes were used and created? Gathering ventures can likewise assist understudies with creating abilities to community endeavors, permitting understudies, for example, myself to: delegate jobs and obligations, share points of view, information and aptitudes, consider each other and be considered responsible. (We had the option to utilize pervious information from class and what we have been educated to have the option to finish the undertaking. I had the option to create and acquire information on the Mexican unrest in view of my accomplices information. ) What will be done ditterently in the tuture? A great deal of things will be done any other way later on. Time the executives obviously. We wound up doing it that week it was expected which caused some weight on every one of us exclusively. Despite the fact that we finished out undertaking in time I would have jumped at the chance to have begun arranging the week she revealed to us Just to have had a head start and recognize what we were doing then really doing it a minute ago and not so much realizing what we would do. Regardless of whether we chose to part the work, I would have needed to even now cooperated since it was a gathering venture. Be that as it may, most importantly, it was an extraordinary encounter working with another person. 378

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Farm Writing Stationery: A Tool For Personalized Writing

Farm Writing Stationery: A Tool For Personalized WritingFarm writing paper is the perfect write up for those who want to write essays and create a paper to be used in school or college. It also comes in handy when you need something that you can use to take notes on. You can create your own paper at home with Farm writing stationery. It can be quite easy to create a paper as long as you have the right Farm writing stationery supplies.Farm writing stationery includes everything you need to create a paper including: writing paper, writing paper holders, and a pen and pencil holder. The pen and pencil holder will keep your writing utensils safe and can be bought for a very reasonable price. The paper itself comes in a variety of paper sizes so you can choose the one that suits your needs best. There are four different sizes available to choose from which include; eight by eight, eight by five, ten by ten, and twelve by twelve. You can purchase any size of paper that you need but the siz es listed here are the standard sizes.The paper itself can be ordered with or without a border. When you purchase the paper without borders, it will come in a number of sizes which include; three by six, four by ten, six by eight, nine by twelve, and fifteen by twenty-five. If you need the paper to come in a particular size then you may want to choose an order form with or without borders.As mentioned earlier, the paper can be ordered with or without borders but you should be aware that there is a small cost added to the paper. These costs include the thickness of the paper, the quantity of paper and the paper border and ink. When you order your paper without borders you will have to pay an additional cost for the thickness of the paper and an additional cost for the paper border and ink.The paper holder is the item that holds the paper. The paper holder is available in a variety of styles and designs. You can find a paper holder that fits all your writing utensils including the fou ntain pen, the pen and pencil holder, the calculator, the stapler, and even the computer mouse. The paper holder is typically bought separately and you can use them with the pen and pencil holder to create a personalized writing stationery unit.Farm writing stationery is created from a wide variety of paper such as wood pulp, recycled paper, and archival paper. You can also buy paper in rolls or sheets and they will only be as thick as the number you order. Paper in rolls are thinner than paper in sheets are thinner than rolls. You will have to determine how thick you want your paper and how many sheets you need before you purchase the paper.There are many options available to you when you purchase Farm writing paper. Paper holders come in different shapes and sizes. Each style will have a certain style and a certain number of holders that will fit different types of writing utensils. As well, the paper itself is available in various thicknesses that vary in cost based on the cost o f the paper itself. The pen and pencil holder comes in varying thicknesses based on the style you choose.You will be able to create a unique writing stationery set with your Farm writing paper and the various accessories that go along with the design. Using Farm writing stationery will allow you to not only create a unique writing stationery set but will also help you learn to create unique presentation papers that will stand out among other presentation paper.

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The Human Genome Project Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

The Human Genome Project - Essay Example As the revealed given by the US Department of Energy said a definitive objective of this activity is to comprehend the human genome and Information on the human genome is as important to the proceeding with progress of medication and other wellbeing sciences as information on human life structures has been for the current situation with medication. Officially, the venture was established in 1990 by the US Department of Energy and the US National organization of Health. It was assessed that the venture would take 15 years, yet propels in sequencing innovation prompted a quicker culmination of the task, the undertaking being finished 2 years sooner that evaluated, in 2003. Ari Patrinos, who is the leader of the Office of Biological and Environmental Research, drove the Human genome venture that was started by the US Department of Energy. In any case, in the US, the Department of Energy was not by any means the only organization that investigated the human genome. The National Institute s of Health (NIH) likewise gave an exertion in deciding the human genome. From 1988 to 1992 the leader of the National Center for Human Genome Research (NCHGR), which was a piece of NIH was James Watson, who in April 1993 was supplanted with Francis Collins, because of issue of licensing qualities. The NCHGR) was likewise renamed in 1997 into National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI). ... At some random time, the Human Genome Project supported around 200 separate head specialists. There were likewise numerous private think-tanks that led genome explore. The most popular privetly claimed organization that was engaged with the Human genome venture was the organization possessed by Craig Venter and his organization Celera Genomics, which gave significant improvement to the undertaking. It must be referenced this was additionally a universal exertion. There were at any rate 18 nations who had human genome explore programs. A portion of the bigger projects are in Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Denmark, European Union, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Netherlands, Russia, Sweden, United Kingdom, and the United States. Some creating nations additionally took an interest in the venture, principally by reading sequencing methods for genome look into. The Human Genome Organization (HUGO) facilitated this global exertion. The evaluated accounts that were apportioned to the Human genome venture are around $ 3 billion. These exclude the secretly supported associations and organizations, yet just the administration ventures. Celera Genomic states that around $ 300 million dollars were spend for the venture, which was substantially less than the administration supported task. There were a few fundamental objectives of the Human Genome venture. The objectives did exclude just recognizing the 3 billion nucleotides situated in the DNA and to the find 25 000 qualities situated there, yet in addition to: Store this data in databases, Improve devices for information examination, Move related advancements to the private part, and Address the moral, legitimate, and social issues (ELSI) that may emerge from the undertaking. Because of the gigantic subsidizing, intrigue and worldwide exertion too

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Juvenile Alternative Facility - Free Essay Example

In society there is a price to pay for every crime. When it comes to charging juvenile offenders there is often a debate on whether juvenile offenders should be tried as adults and sentence them to adult prisons. In a country governed by laws that says each crime is punishable. How is a society to judge ones fate when it comes to adolescence. There is juvenile facilities and ranches where youth offenders are placed not just to be punish but to help rehabilitate these teens. These juveniles dont deserve the treatment they get, they deserve a second chance for a better life, and a chance to blossom as a person. These teens should not be tried as adults, because at the end of the day they are still children. Teens, between the ages of 13-18 are told that they are too young to watch certain movies or buy certain thing; they maybe even hear that they are too old to act a certain way. But when is being too old or maybe too young to get arrested and being sent to an adult prison. In most recent articles from the Sacramento Bee, Paul Thompson Startling Finds of The Teenage Brain, New york times Gail Garinger Juvenile dont deserve a life sentences, both writing on how child/teens are not liable enough to actually be sent to prison. Many people believe no matter wh at age a crime is committed it is still a crime and should receive a punishment. Although youth offenders think they know what theyre doing, they need help to fully understand what they have committed and their consequences for there actions. Thompson states,Frontal lobes which inhibit our violent passions, rash actions, and regulate our emotions, are vastly immature throughout the teenage years. Juvenile offenders are able to understand right from wrong but since their frontal lobes are in charge of their emotions they really cant fully comprehend on what they did wrong wrong. Most murders committed by youth offenders arent thought out and they are just a rash action. These teens do deserve punishment for the crime they have committed but they shouldnt be subjected to serve life in prison without parole they should be given a chance to rehabilitate and prove themselves.All teens should have a second chance to prove themselves and show that they can change. I believe that with strong help and support juvenile offenders can change. 1,200 children under the age of 18 who are being held in adult prisons across the country. The number is about 10,000 when local adult jails are included(SPLC). Most teen killers are in an unstable home and have an unhealthy relationship with their parents. Many dont have a male role model in their life. For example Greg Ousley who was sentenced to 60 years in prison for the murder of his parents. Ousley stated to his mother that he was scared, that all he ever thought about was murder and suicide (Anderson). Ousley was one who tried to reach out to his mother but failed because she did not listen nor believe him. This could have been prevent if he was just taken seriously. Many adult prison do have programs and opportunities to help change people but the help is way lower that a juvenile facility. In juvenile facilities the main goal is to provide help and rehabilitation to all these kids that enter the facilities to make them better and prepared for the outside world. Kids will be kids. People believe that once a child has done something bad then that child is bad. They are not just kids anymore, they are known as super predators, no conscious,(Hillary Clinton). What clinton is trying to say that once a juvdoes something wrong that are often referred to as a threat and a vigilante. Kids who grow up in poverty will turn to violence(vice news), by this being said this shows that these juvenile offenders that grow up poor want that attention that many of their families cant give them. These teens who grow up in these poor neighborhood look for mental figures they can actually relate too. Everyone in life is going to make do kind of poor decision but hop efully they will learn from that poor decision. These juvenile offenders are should be given the opportunity show society that they have change and fully taken responsibility for their actions In conclusion, juveniles should not be sentenced to life in prison but to be helped. I do believe that teens can prove to become better people while in these juvenile facilities. These teens should be given the shot to prove and fix the mistakes they have made to show that theyre not malicious criminals and the hope to become mature normal teenagers. This is a serious and sensitive topic, as well as an issue that needs to be dealt and talked about to see how we as a country can help these kids and change them. Teenagers do not deserve to be treated as adults but they deserve a chance to prove themselves.

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Lewis And Clark The United States - 1569 Words

Lewis and Clark Have you ever wondered what it would be like to explore a land that nobody has ever explored before? This is exactly what Lewis and Clark did when the United States purchased a very large amount of land in The Louisiana Purchase. The Corps of Discovery was one of most important expeditions at that time. We will be going over three main points. The preparation of the journey, the journey itself, and the aftermath of the journey will be the main point of this paper.. Although the journey was hard, they succeeded. Lewis and Clark were to very important people at the time. William Clark, an army captain, had served with Meriwether Lewis in Ohio. At the the time Lewis was President Thomas Jefferson’s secretary. The journey†¦show more content†¦He also bought things to trade with native americans along the way. In order to have an expedition, Lewis and Clark need men. They recruited a total of 33 people. This does not include Sacagawea and Charbonneau. The oldest was 47 and the youngest was only 17 years of age. Along with getting men and supplies, the two leaders needed to gain one very important thing. Scientific skills were needed because these men knew nothing about what would happen or what they were getting into. Lewis and Clark had to go to a science academy in order to gain the knowledge they needed to go on with the journey. Now that everything was ready. They set off on their exciting, yet nerve racking journey. The men set off on a k eel boat going up the Mississippi River. This was very challenging because at the time, the river was shallow and the keel boat was to big. The boat had to be pushed upstream. They men would only cover fifteen to twenty miles a day, twenty five on a good day. At first the men saw no signs of native americans anywhere. Little did they know, they would meet a total of fifty native american tribes. The men would travel without seeing a single indian in sight. To keep safe in case of hostile natives, th Corps set up camp on islands in the river and posted guards at night. On August 2, the Oto and Missouri indians came to the Corps’ camp. The meeting went

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Racism And Police Brutality And Racism - 1820 Words

In the world we live in today, racism and police brutality are raising concerns that society needs to be aware of. Beginning from the mid 1900s and on, racism was an ongoing problem that many individuals acted on from day to day. Whether it was mainly whites who hated blacks or vice versa, there never seemed as if a solution would ever come about. Based on this article about racism and police brutality, it talks a lot about how brutality following the Rodney King incident has change and is more exposed due to updated technology. Racism is not a thing of the past, it exist in this day and happens everyday in front of our eyes. Another point from this article is how the media portrays black as intimidating and scary which often times is the reason why police officers act the way they do when they are encountering a black male. Today’s society is taught to be afraid of black men because they are dangerous and unpredictable. The media account is a short video of how police brutali ty is caught on camera and how the police are portrayed because of these videos. Because of the new technology officers are no longer able to get away with brutality and not having to answer for there actions. This media account is more of an awareness video of how if someone sees the police physically abusing someone, they should take there phones out and record everything that is going on. Today’s camera phone as said to be the police’s kryptonite because they capture everything that is done by theShow MoreRelatedRacism : Racism And Police Brutality916 Words   |  4 Pages8:00-9:50 10 June 2015 Essay 1 Racism in the Legal System Racial profiling isn’t something new to today’s society. Most recently there were incidents in which the officers were accused of mistreating blacks such as Michael Brown and Freddie Gray. â€Å"Racism versus professionalism: claims and counter-claims about racial profiling† written by Vic Satzewich and William Shaffir discusses racism versus professionalism with officers. Their argument is more biased towards the police force and they argue thatRead MorePolice Brutality Racism1340 Words   |  6 PagesPolice brutality in America has been known to put fear in the lives of many Americans. Although police brutality is played out across all avenues of the media and many people see this happening, it yet does not change the fact that racism still exists in the justice system of America. People in positions of power yet have not done anything to rectify the situation and this has lead to the rise of â€Å"Black Lives Matter† movement. Numerous opportuniti es have been presented to officials to speak up aboutRead MoreRacism And The South And Police Brutality1378 Words   |  6 PagesRacism is prejudice plus power (influence, status and authority). It exists in many different forms and in almost every facade of society; from subtle discrimination in everyday life and scandals in politics, to occurrences like lynching’s in the South and Police Brutality. Racism is complicated, systemic and institutional as described by researchers; (Jones, 1997): personal, which may be considered the same as prejudice (Allport, 1958); institutional, involving a set of environmental conditionsRead MorePolice Brutality And The Racism It Fosters Essay1710 Words   |  7 PagesPolice Brutality and the Racism It Fosters A controversial topic for decades, one issue that has made a noticeable impact in modern day society, especially in the year of 2015, is that of police brutality. Stemming from deep-rooted and institutionalized racism within law enforcement and other surrounding fields, it has sparked a firestorm of opposition, with many American citizens up in arms over the target that’s been seemingly casted on the backs of the black community. Despite the various protocolsRead MoreRacism : The Main Causes Of Police Brutality709 Words   |  3 PagesPolice brutality has been an issue for many decades and still is a concern that people have. Officers shouldn’t even think about using that type of violence around people unless it is absolutely necessary. Police brutality has even come to a point of death. According to, police brutality is â€Å"the use of any force exceeding that reasonably necessary to accomplish a lawful police purpose†. In other words, poli ce brutality is when an officer takes advantage of their power. Racism isRead MoreRacism And Police Brutality Today By Cassandra Chaney And Ray V. Robertson1481 Words   |  6 PagesMy first scholarly article that I read was Racism and Police Brutality in America by Cassandra Chaney and Ray V. Robertson. The article begins by highlighting the beating of Rodney King in 1992. Police brutality has gone on for a long time, and with the help of technology it has finally been brought to the light. In 1992, four white police officers beat an African American man named Rodney King. The events were caught on camera and were aired that night by a local TV station in Los Angeles. In theRead MoreDr. Wolfe s Sociological Training910 Words   |  4 Pages1. In Dr. Wolfe’s statement on the recent events that have taken place in Baltimore he talks about police brutality, crime, racism, and inequality. Dr. Wolfe’s sociological training affects the way he looks at these events. In his statement he talks about how police brutality is not just happen ing among â€Å"a few bad apples† but instead how it is a systemic issue. He may be right but he also may be wrong. Dr. Wolfe is trained to study race, the criminal justice system and the relationship between bothRead MoreThe Invisible Man By Ellison862 Words   |  4 PagesIn response to police brutality, The Invisible Man was written by Ellison demonstrated that through his life racism was entirely present. Ellison, in fact, was faced with police brutality throughout the novel. Ellison wrote a scene in which his narrator dealt with police brutality after giving a speech at an eviction. The police threatened to shoot him and beat all of them. Ellison wrote that his character had known it was due to the racism during the time period. Even so, the rest of the novel involvedRead MoreEssay On Police Brutality1478 Words   |  6 Pagesongoing, which leads to police brutality. In â€Å"Why Are So Many Black Americans Killed By Police?†, Carl Bialik, reveals racism (consci ously or not) leads to police brutality of African Americans. Kia Makarechi in â€Å"What The Data Really Says About Police and Racial Bias†, shows evidence of African Americans receiving more police brutality because of racism. Clint Smith in â€Å"Racism, Stress, and Black Death†, conveys how studies show that African Americans are receiving police brutality due to day-to-day discriminationRead MoreThe Conflict Of Police Brutality And Racial Profiling858 Words   |  4 Pagesprominent conflict of African American males and police officials in Western nations, focusing directly on the American South. In the late 1920’s African Americans in the U.S.A, were hopeful that their struggle against racism was nearing a successful conclusion with the start of the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Coloured People). For many years, especially for people not of colour, racism, racial discrimination and police brutality were â€Å"hidden† from the m ainstream media. Though

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Macro Economical Environment of Coca Cola

Question: Discuss about the Macro Economical Environment of Coca Cola. Answer: Introduction: This report is being prepared to focus on the macro economical environment of Coca Cola in the last ten years. The report takes into account the strategic positioning of the organization and its current status of business in the developing market. Coca Cola is a giant market player engaged in the business of manufacturing, selling and allotment of extensive range of soft drinks across the world. Coca Cola is a company which has got widespread capacity for product growth and market expansion in an international market (Foster, 2012). In this broad economic sector the company is involved in domestic and international operations. The companys profit margin and turnover level is proportionate to their growth intensity and improvement criterion in the emergent market (Oliver, 2013). The company has got a huge customer base and it is working continuously to maintain the standard of customer service it has offered over the years. Coca Colas operational activities in UK and India: Coca Cola employs around 4500 people across the seven manufacturing units in Great Britain. While in India the number of its manufacturing units stands at 24. The company has got a dedicated sales team in West London which takes care of the marketing, promotional activities and distribution of new items and brands existing globally. Their responsibility lies in making the distribution and sales flow of soft drinks a continuous activity all over the world. In the product development criteria Coca Cola UK have some dazzling drinks like Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Fanta and Sprite to go along with vitamin water and sports drinks. The companys strategy has always been to focus on consumer development and efficient market growth. Coca Cola is blessed with extensive supply chain facility which guarantees complete availability of the products to its consumers. Its marketing strategy has been brilliant and it has put itself in the right place at the right time. It has taken care of customer and re gional values which have ensured a strong bond in customer relationship. The Indian market is a favorite destination for many foreign companies and Coca Cola was no different. The market is huge in terms of geography and population. Moreover the company offers a variety of brands to its customers and that too in different bottle sizes of 200 ml, 250 ml, 300, 500ml to 2 litres. Coca Cola was quick to recognize that Indians have a weakness for sweets and thus increased the sweetness level of their products for the Indian market. Coca Cola has reacted through proper implementation and improvement of their strategies to satisfy the Indian Customers needs. Analysis of market structure in which Coca cola operates In UK and India: Coca Cola operates in an oligopoly market, the reason being the major share of the market is controlled by two firms, Coca Cola and Pepsi. There is presence of other small players in the market but in comparison to Coca Cola their market share is negligible. Companies of small stature find it difficult to invest on a large scale in investing to launch a brand. There are barriers to entry too in this kind of market. The investment criteria play a huge role in preventing companies from entering this sector. Manufacturing soft drinks is cost heavy which requires noteworthy investment in advertising, promotion and production equipment (, 2016). Moreover in the soft drinks industry market the bargaining influence of suppliers is weak. All the ingredients are readily available in the market with the presence of lot of suppliers. Moreover these days companies have substitutes like sweetener and corn syrup for things like sugar. The soft drinks market at present is resting in the matured stage of lifecycle where growth has become a stagnant factor. It is during this stage that a product tends to decline, but growth for Coca Cola has never been sluggish with its continuous endeavor in increasing its products and brands in order to lengthen the life cycle. Though it has been stated as a giant in the field of Soft drinks industry, it has never been short of competitors like Limca, Pepsi and Mirinda (Lemley McKenna, 2012). But as leaders do, Coca Cola has bettered itself to stay ahead of others in UK, though it faces a stiff completion from Pepsi in India. The cola sector has been a tad static but the fruit based drink category has shown a lot of growth in recent times. Coca Cola India is purely dedicated to the Indian economy. In the Indian market scenario Coca Colas strength lies in its diversified product portfolio, heavy investment and the fact that it is an easily recognizable brand among people,. Though in 2004, Coca Cola had to face some health issue challenges with protestors claiming the company of using unethical means for manufacturing products high on chemical. Indian people do have a positive feel about Coca Cola which brings in a sense of belongingness. Moreover, physical factors of India make it a strong case for the sale of the product in the Indian markets. Macroeconomic Indicators and its Impact on Coca Colas economic activity GDP growth UK: Before Britain took the decision to leave European Union; the state of Britains economy growth was pretty slow. Manufacturing has been struggling (, 2016). GDPs growth rate in India is measured by the change in the seasonally attuned assessment of the goods and services that are being produced in the Indian economy during the quarter. India is ranked among the top ten largest economies in the world and is the second most populous after China. In India, manufacturing accounts for 15% of the GDP and service industry taking the large chunk of share which stands at 60%. In the second quarter of the year 2016, the GDP in India saw an upward rise by 1.40%. Since 1996 till 2016, Indias average growth rate in GDP stands at 1.68% which saw its peak during the second quarter of 2009 at 5.80% and a record low of -1.80% in the first quarter of 2009. GDP from Manufacturing:Last 4901.64 Billion Previous 4908.33 Billion Highest 5407.38 Billion and Lowest 3455.83 Billion Things like diet coke has contributed to every GDP with new versions of its. One could replicate for free the physical inputs of Diet Coke, but as Coca Cola owns the right of the recipe, one has to pay them for the same. The GDP would get lowered as Coca Colas earnings from manufacturing Diet Coke would stand at zero. It will only earn from the recipe it would rent out. This will still be a win-win situation even if the GDP goes down. GDP per Capita growth comparison of Uk and India (As created by author) UK has shown a steady growth in case of the countrys GDP over the years whereas Indias was lying dead dumb till 2000 after which it has made a slow but steady progress. Inflation rate: UKs inflation hit a record equaling low in January because of low energy prices and cheaper fuels. Inflation as measured by the Consumer Price Index slumped to 0.3% in January, 2015 from 0.5% in December as reported by the Office for National Statistics. The Retail Prices Index (RPI) also took a downward slide falling from 1.6% to 1.1%. if the inflation rate is up by 3% it signifies that the prices are 3% higher than it was a year ago, which means people need to spend 3% more to buy the same things. Indian economy is in a desirable position with high growth and declining inflation. As per Gulati Saini, (2013), reports of Central Statistical Office states that GDP is up from 5.6% in 2012-2013 to 7.2 in 2014-2015 and even more in 2015-15 at 7.6%, whereas, inflation has fallen from 7.4% in 2012-13 to a meager 2% in 2014-15 and further down at -2.8% in 2015-16. Growth in bank credit ranges in between 9% to 11% in the previous two years. Banks are not willing to lend anymore as bad debts have piled up. Inflation has the habit of increasing the cost of production. So, an increase in inflation will see Coca Cola increasing its pricing. This price increase might end up with Coca cola losing out on customers as it is a product of desire and not necessity. In 2005, a 2 litre coca cola was 99p whereas at present date it would cost around 1.98 pound. Continuous inflation has made Coca Cola doubled the price. Likewise the company can be forced to lessen their prices in order to increase consumption. Unemployment rate: UKs unemployment is witnessing an average of 7.15% from 1971 till date. Employment has increased in UK and its jobless rate has been stagnant at 4.9% in the three months till July 2016 which is the same as it has been in the previous years. Unemployment has been a major factor for the Indian economy. In 2013 the unemployment rate of India dropped to 4.90% from 2012s 5.20% (Mitra Verick, 2013). Indias unemployment rate averages 7.32% from 1983 till 2013. It reached its peak in 2009 standing at 9.4% and saw a record low of 4.9% in 2013 (Hasan et al., 2012). Rise in unemployment rates would have an adverse effect on Coca Cola and its demand would decrease. The Theory of Consumption states that the more income one has, the more inclined towards the consumption of goods. The inverse also takes place. When UK people are low on not reusable income, they are less likely to buy Coca Cola products because the money then goes to other essential foodstuffs. Unemployment comparison graph of UK and India (As created by author) Unemployemnt rate comparison of UK and India which shows in that UKs unemployment rate has shown a growth after the 2008 economic crisis whereas Indias has been very much steady and showing an inclination of sliding down everytime. Though the graph also shows that the UK unemployment rate graph is declining after 2010 which concludes that there are more job opportunities now than it was previously. When the unemployment growth has been on the higher side in both the countries the company has tend to have a lower sales growth as compared to other years, either by cutting down cost or closing down on manufacturing units or outlets. Balance of Payments: A countrys Balance of Payments position is due to its economic health. The BOP consists of Capital Account/Financial Account and Current Account. Current Account BOP has more scope than balance of trade. It takes into account not only the exports and imports of goods but also stuffs which are invisible in nature like tourism, insurance, income on investments and foreign travel. The last few years have witnessed an alarming downslide to UKs balance of payments. According to Coutts Rowthorn, (2013), in between 2000 and 2010, the average foreign payment deficit of UK was over 25 billion pound which sky rocketed in 2012 to 62 billion pound and even further in 2013 to 73 billion pound. In 2014 it stands at 90 billion pound which as reported is 5% over UKs GDP. The reason being a gap between the goods and services sold abroad and the amount UK pays for imports. UKs heavy borrowings are a major factor which it does to compensate the deficit in foreign payments. India BOP on current accounts is where it has to make payments to other countries on account of the imports of goods it makes, along with the shipping services, people travelling abroad and insurance matters that are being taken up by other countries. It also has to pay royalties to foreign entities and interests on foreign investments in the country. These are some of the debit objects for which India has to make payments to the rest of the world. Likewise, when foreign countries import goods from India it has to make payments to this country. In case of Capital Account it is the story of non-resident Indians who maintain their surplus funds with Indian Banks. Another major object in the BOP of capital account is the presence of foreign investment in India through foreign companies. Foreign investments are basically of two types: Portfolio investment in which foreign institutional investors (FIIs) acquire equity shares and Indian companies and Governments bonds (Tomlinson, 2013). Foreign Direct Investment is another such area where companies of foreign land set up factories on Indian soil either on their own or through collaboration with Indian companies. As per Drze Sen, (2013), highlights of Indian BOP Position: Jan-Mar 2015 saw a surplus of US $30 billion, its sixth consecutive BOP surplus The surplus of BOP is at 5.7% of nominal GDP, current account deficit standing at 0.3% and merchandise trade deficit is at 5.3%. In2014, Indias BOP surplus was 3% of GDP which was highest in 7 years. Analysis of monetary and fiscal policy of UK and India: The UK Monetary policy is put by the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) of the Bank of England. They choose on the interest rates but they have to aim and meet the governments inflation target. The Bank of England has the responsibility of studying inflationary rates in the economy which includes a lot of economic variables such as confidence of consumers, unemployment factor, exchange rate index and economic growth (Wu, Xia, 2016). Taking into consideration all these factors the Bank of England decides whether the inflation will rise or take a downward slide. Expecting higher rate of inflation and higher growth has the tendency of increasing the interest rates whereas the drop in inflation rate will see a lower growth resulting in decrease in interest rates. There are certain advantages in MPC setting up interest rates: -MPCs independent nature is not subject to any political pressure. They are not being pressurized in lowering the interest rates before an election which used to be a major problem in the economy of UK. -The rates of interests have a commanding effect in controlling UKs consumer spending because many people having taken up loans and mortgages. -Inflation has remained low at 2% as per the Governments liking (King Low, 2014). -Inflation expectations have been reduced by the MPC. This has injected confidence among the people that inflation will remain low. It has helped in keeping the wage demand low which has in turn helped in keeping inflation low. Bank of England sets the interest rate which is also known as the base rate. Higher interest rates does not support people in saving and borrowing and people with loans will be facing less disposable income that might result in less consumption (, 2016). In this scenario Investors will find it according to their liking in saving in UK banks. Rising interest rates are likely to witness a fall in investment and consumption. Higher interest rates do not encourages firms and individuals in making purchases and involve in risky investments. The formulation and execution of the monetary policy of India is done by the Reserve Bank of India (, 2016). Through this policy the central bank has the power to control money and the rate of interest. The monetary policy is undertaken to persuade the money supply and making money available for achieving certain specific objectives (Rajan, Yanamandra, 2015). Indias monetary policy is concerned with regulating the credit volume formed by Banks. Monetary Policys main objective is to bring in price stability and financial stability (Damji, 2012). The fiscal policy: Fiscal policy can be defined as the Governments policy in taxing people and the way it spends the money. Governments need to borrow and spend for two important reasons: either to consume or to produce. In the year 2009, the UK government followed expansionary fiscal procedure. In the face of deep recession when the GD fell 6%, the government cut VAT in order to boost up consumer spending (Herndon, Ash Pollin, (2014). Governments borrowing took a rise in 2009-10. Britains latest growth has not changed anything from the time it entered recession six years ago, the GDP is still below its earlier peak. Indias fiscal policy: Government of India has adopted certain objectives of fiscal policy which are: Mobilizing sufficient funds for financing various program and projects taken up for economic development. Developing the private sector where necessary through financial inducement Optimum utilization of resources are being arranged Factors of Unemployment and poverty are removed Lessening the degree of inequality in income distribution and wealth Indian Governments fiscal policy is having a great impact on the economy of the country. This has lead to significant development of the industrial sector (De, 2012). The taxation burden on India is much more which reduces the saving capacity of the people. Adding to that is the failure of countrys fiscal policy in checking the countrys inequality in distribution of income (Muller Kolk, 2015). In the face of falling economy it is obvious that the business of a UK based company like Coca Cola is also likely to fall down. The profit earning becomes a difficult prospect and for that the shareholders suffer too. For Indian market, if there is devaluation in the currency rate of India, the profit margin of Coca cola would take a hit. The net operating revenues and operating income will be affected. The financial results of Coca Cola gets affected if there is any change in the currency rate, or there is any change in the fiscal or monetary policy of the company (Schneider Enste, 2013). Analysis of foreign trade policy instruments for UK and India Trade policy instruments for international trade agreements include export taxes, import quotas, import tariffs and export quotas. Certain change in the trade policy of a host country would affect the operations of a company (Borchert, Gootiiz Mattoo, 2014). Overseas trade is an important factor in UKs inclination. The UK government is in the continuous process of helping UK businesses succeed internationally and encourage certain foreign companies to work with UK (Hayes, 2016). For many years, UK had a trade deficit, the reason being it imported more goods and services than it actually exported. For UK a devaluation in the currency will result in cheaper exports. But the firms importing raw materials will have to settle for higher cost of imports. UK firms selling price inelastic goods will see an increase in their demand when there is a fall in the foreign price. Reports suggest UK goods to be price inelastic where depreciation is related to small increase in the demand. Rise in pounds value with a speculation over other countrys economy, firms tend to become uncompetitive. The foreign trade policy offers the basic structure policy of interpreting the vision into goals and targets. Exports in India saw a high growth during the period of 2004-05-2008-09. The exports grew at an average growth rate of 23.9%, increased from UK $83.5 billion in 2004-05 to US $185.3 billion in 2008-09 (, 2016). The Reserve Bank of Indias Reference rate for Great Britain Pound as of today is 86.4823 (, 2016). A slight change in this figure will have its effect on the multinational companies working in India. Coca Cola is a global company and its business is situated around the world. A certain change in the import export rate of a country in which it is operating can affect its profitability directly or in that case can increase its expenditure also as with foreign currency, foreign money is also involved. Temporary exchange rate fluctuations do not have that much of an effect on imports as rates are set 12-15 months before . So the company has to take into account the trade policy factors and abide the rules and regulations as laid down in that policy. Comparison of the exchange rate of UK and Indiia (As created by author) There is always an element of risk for Coca Cola India if the companys Indian revenue depreciates with its main trading currency which is the US dollar or in othersense even the UK currency. India does have the habit of maintaining a weak value of its currency when compared to big countries like US or the UK. Conclusion: The report took into account all the possible data available in concluding how the economic factors of two countries affects a company like Coca Cola. No matter how big an organization it is, there are bound to be some reparations when these factors affect a countrys economy. As Coca Cola operates in these countries it has to take into account all the possible measures so that its operation is not hampered and it does not suffer a huge loss in the process. Factors like unemployment, inflation does have certain adverse effects on the workings of the company. Reference: Bank of England. (2016).Bank of England. Retrieved 28 September 2016, from Buckley, P. J., Forsans, N., Munjal, S. (2012). Hosthome country linkages and hosthome country specific advantages as determinants of foreign acquisitions by Indian firms.International Business Review,21(5), 878-890. Coutts, K., Rowthorn, R. (2013). 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